2nd March 2021


Blinx Solutions, based on Sci-Tech Daresbury, combine world-class technology, innovation and process expertise from a variety of industries to give businesses the specialised digital tools needed to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Blinx work in partnership with businesses to identify the business outcomes they want to achieve, the insight required to deliver these outcomes and finally the data required to give this insight.

In order to give businesses the insight they require Blinx’s technology is designed to integrate with any system and cope with any data regardless of quality or form. Not only does this ensure that systems and data can be linked to give end-to-end visibility, it also ensures businesses can leverage their existing IT investments, maximising ROI and accelerating the delivery of business outcomes.

Since 2017 Blinx has been working with Stobart Energy, the UK’s number one supplier of biomass fuel. Each year Widnes-based Stobart Energy diverts 1.7m tonnes of waste wood from landfill by processing it into biomass fuel for plants that generate renewable energy equivalent to the annual domestic electricity needs of 2% of the UK population.

Blinx’s technology has given Stobart Energy real-time, end-to-end visibility of a supply chain that includes 300 suppliers, a fleet of 135 trucks, 6 processing sites and nearly 25 renewable energy plant customers.

Over the last three years, as the Stobart Energy business has doubled in size, Blinx’s technology has allowed the various Stobart business teams to work together to meet all fuel orders from renewable energy plants despite significant seasonal and market pressures on waste wood supply. The productivity improvements driven by Blinx’s technology has meant that this business growth has been achieved with minimal additional headcount.

2nd March 2021

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