Case study ULEMCo

by Kaleidoscope
15th October 2018

ULEMCo is a Liverpool city region company pioneering in the conversion of commercial vehicles to enable the use of hydrogen as an alternative transport fuel.

In 2016, ULEMCo completed the conversion of refuse lorries to be operated by Fife Council in Scotland.

The trucks now have the ability to run as dual fuel (hydrogen diesel) in what is believed to be the first conversion of its kind in the world. The bin lorries can switch from diesel to dual fuel when operating in densely populated areas, where air pollution is a major health risk, with the zero emission hydrogen displacing diesel to help reduce both carbon and improve air quality.

ULEMCo, which was established in 2014, supports a fleet of vehicles across a range of hydrogen hubs in the UK.

15th October 2018

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