7th May 2019

Global offshore wind energy giant Ørsted, is a leading energy supplier to the industrial and commercial market. The company creates market leading green energy solutions that benefit the planet and our customers alike. They develop, construct and operate offshore wind farms, bioenergy plants and innovative waste-to-energy solutions and provide smart energy products to their customers.

ØRSTED staff working in Liverpool City Region

The UK is the Danish company’s primary market for offshore wind and Ørsted’s Burbo Bank windfarm in Liverpool Bay was the first to employ the 3.6MW wind turbines, now used widely across the industry.

Construction of the Burbo Bank Extension, managed from Ørsted’s facilities at Cammell Laird, on the banks of the Mersey, commenced in May 2017, featuring the world’s first deployment of a new 8MW turbine. The new machines produced more than double the power of previous turbines, highlighting Liverpool City Region’s role in pioneering the future of the offshore wind energy industry.

Ørsted has also built a multi-million-pound operations and maintenance facility on the banks of the Mersey in Wirral, investing around £6 billion in developing offshore windfarms in total, off the North West of England.

In 2018, Ørsted  entered the UK battery storage market with a new 20MW project pioneered in Liverpool. The 20MW Carnegie Road battery became Ørsted’s first venture into large-scale energy storage, playing an important role in providing services for the support of the stability of the UK’s power grid and further cementing the companies exciting shift towards a decarbonised energy system.

“We have a vision to create a world that runs entirely on green energy, and that means we will need more than just clean energy generation. That’s why we’re investing in energy storage systems like Liverpool CITY Region’s Carnegie Road, to accelerate the transition to a smarter, low carbon grid. Batteries, and other innovative storage technologies will form a critical part of an integrated green energy system required to ensure we keep the lights on without harming our planet.”


7th May 2019

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