Liverpool and Wirral trade mission to China review 利物浦和威勒尔贸易代表团访华回顾

Liverpool city region’s China activity has really ramped up, and a major trade mission from Liverpool and Wirral went to Southwest China last month. The mission’s aim was to further develop existing relationships in the region while identifying potential new investment opportunities.


arch picLed by Joe Anderson (Mayor of Liverpool) and Cllr Phil Davies (leader of Wirral Council), the delegation brought together 16 businesses and organisations across sectors as diverse as technology, sport, education and manufacturing. The visit was organised by Invest Liverpool.

由乔·安德森(利物浦市长)和菲尔·戴维斯议员(威勒尔议会议长)带队,该代表团聚集了16个企业和组织,横跨技术、体育、教育和制造业。 此次访问是由利物浦投资发展署组织的。

One of the main goals was to introduce more Liverpool businesses to Chinese markets. On this front, city region businesses will now be given three great opportunities to showcase their services and products in the next couple years; at the South East Asia Expo in Kunming in 2017, the Tianjin European Trade Centre and the UK-China Innovation Zone in Qingdao. Details of the opportunities will be announced in the new year.

其中一个主要目标是将众多利物浦企业推向中国市场。在这方面,利物浦城市地区的企业将在未来几年内获得三个很好的机会来展示他们的服务和产品; 这包括2017年昆明南亚博览会、天津欧洲贸易中心和青岛英中创新区。 机会的详情将在新的一年公布。

Another highlight was around Sensor City, Liverpool’s global hub for the development of sensor technologies, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tianjin-based Zhengxin Group which could see a sister centre open in China and pave the way for a new fund to invest in UK businesses operating in the field.


These were just some of the productive meetings and outcomes from the visit. Below are some of the reports from businesses who attended.

这些只是一些有成效的会议和访问的成果。 以下是来自代表团企业的一些反馈。

Martyn McDonald, Hill Dickinson: “It really was a great experience. So much hard work went into the planning and I do hope that we are able to follow up all the connections made and build upon the relationships that have been established.”

“Following my visit to China a number of high profile contacts have been made with companies both in China and the UK as a direct result of the delegation. Throughout the period the delegation were travelling in China there was a real openness and willingness to make connections. One to one business meetings were organised which gave me the opportunity to explain how as a firm we are able to assist with the whole process of property acquisition in the UK supported by team members from all legal disciplines.”



Phil Gibbs, Gibbs Investment: “I would just like to add my comments of appreciation to Ellen and her team for organising the mission which, for the couple of days Lyslee and I joined in, was truly excellent and from which we made some very promising contacts with Chinese investors/developers.”


Ed Cappabianca, EnXray: “I just want to echo the sentiments of everyone else and to thank the entire team for organizing such a productive two-week visit.  It was truly eye-opening, and I can see so much potential for growth, both for my own company, as well as for so many others.  I have already been exchanging messages with many of the new contacts that I made, and hope to be able to report some concrete developments in the not too distant future.”

爱德华·卡帕比安卡,En Xray公司:“我只是想重复一下大家的感受,并感谢整个团队能够组织这样一个富有成果的为期两周的访问。这是真正的大开眼界,我可以看到很大的增长潜力,无论是对我自己的公司,还是对许多其他公司。我已经与许多新的联系人交换了信息,并希望能在不久的将来报告一些具体的发展。”

Dr. Julia Wang, Liverpool John Moores University: “This was a terrific opportunity to showcase the close relationship between the university and the city and demonstrate how working in partnership can have a positive impact internationally.  As a modern civic university, LJMU grows with the city and many of our academic strengths are closely linked with the development of the city. This message was effectively conveyed to partners with the mayor standing with us and supporting us in China.”


Eric Masaba, Texxi: “The only thing grander than the scale of China is the scale of business opportunity there. After a gruelling though amazing, packed 2 weeks travelling across an area larger than the continental United States, I feel energised and awakened to the vast potential of the world’s largest potential consumer market. Twenty years ago, the Shanghai waterfront looked much the same as Liverpool does today. The potential of business to transform a city, an economy and a country is unparalleled.”

马重智  TEXXI GLOBAL公司:“唯一比中国地域面积更广阔的是那里蕴含的商机。经过令人惊叹的、为期两周的访问,横跨了一个大于美国大陆面积的地区,我感到充满活力,并看到了世界上最大消费市场的巨大潜力二十年前,上海的海滨看起来与今天的利物浦一样。企业改造城市、经济和国家的潜力是无与伦比的。”

Andy Snell, Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce: “I was delighted to join the mission, having been invited to return to Guangzhou to speak at the second annual ‘One Belt One Road’ conference. I was able to participate in a series of workshops and now have an agreement to go live with a web platform which will allow our companies to bid in for OBOR tender opportunities from February.


“This of course coincides with Chinese new year and to mark this Liverpool Chamber will be hosting the next Liverpool China partnership meeting, followed by an event that reaches out with Liverpool Vision, CBBC and to other companies interested in getting a foothold in China. This will be on 31st January, I would encourage all the interested in trading with China to please come along to find out more about this and the opportunity to participate in China outbound missions to exhibit your products and services in 2017.”


Dominic Schiller, Equipped 4 Limited: “I got a lot more out of this visit than I expected. Participating in a trade mission allowed me to meet with leading companies who I simply wouldn’t have access to independently. The business landscape is very different in China, so having political leaders from Liverpool and Wirral, as well as recognised organisations like the Chamber of Commerce with us, meant the business delegates truly had a foot in the door.”

多米尼克·席勒,Equipped 4有限公司:“我在这次访问中的收获比我预期的还要多。参加商务代表团可以让我与领先的公司会面,以我单独的力量是根本不能见到这些公司的。中国的商业景观是截然不同的,所以能有来自利物浦和威勒尔市的领导,以及像商会这样的知名组织与我们同行,这就意味着商业代表们已经向成功迈进了一步。”

“I was matched with a number of Chinese businesses and investors who were absolutely relevant to my business and I’m working hard to turn these opportunities into real investments. It is clear that the Liverpool city region has a unique relationship with, and presence in China. For my business to be able to tap into that is fantastic.”


Paula Basnett, Wirral Chamber of Commerce: “China is a key market for many Wirral-based businesses and the Liverpool city region is a recognised and trusted brand out there.  Participating in the mission has allowed the chamber and its members to meet high quality Chinese businesses and investors.  We’ve forged new relationships with a number of Chinese cities and regions, raising awareness of Wirral and the Liverpool city region as a place to do businesses.  We’ve signed an MOU to collaborate with Chongqing Hechuan District and identified a number of potential investors who are keen to create jobs in Wirral.”


John Bullock, City Sales & Lettings: “China is a big country with big opportunities; I have positioned my business to develop big possibilities.”

约翰·布洛克,城市销售与租赁公司:“中国是一个蕴藏着巨大机遇的大国; 我已经将我的事业定位到中国,以创造更多的可能性。”

Find out more about the Liverpool in China Partnership here. The Liverpool China Partnership was formed to expand, strengthen and deliver greater benefit from the Liverpool City Region and Isle of Man’s trade, investment, tourism, education, cultural, civic and other links with China.