Meet the Team: Matt Harvey, Investment Officer

Put a face and a story behind a name. We asked Matt to briefly explain his role. So grab a coffee and have a quick read.


Matt Harvey

I started my role as investment officer in June, at the beginning of the International Festival for Business 2016.

I moved to Liverpool in September of 2015 after finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Queens University of Belfast in July of the same year and I immediately fell in love with the city, its rich cultural heritage and the people. While in university I developed skills that I thought would be extremely desirable, from data analysis to geographic information systems (GIS) abilities however, like many other new graduates this was not the immediate response I got after finding anything but bar and restaurant work was proving hard to come by.

Ellen Cutler, Director of Investment, informed me that my skills and knowledge in GIS, geo-economics as well as my research capabilities would be valuable assets to the team, and urged me to apply for the available position.

My main role as investment officer is to help encourage new businesses to invest into the Liverpool City Region across all sectors, and by doing so, create more employment opportunities. I aid the investment managers with proposals by carrying out research and analysis into various fields such as costs, properties and demographics and also by personally engaging with potential investors.

The fact that in my position I get to help aid in creating jobs for Liverpool’s constantly growing graduate pool is extremely exciting, and is very important to me being one of the many who found it hard to find a graduate job.

In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and I am also an avid guitarist, which has influenced my interest in Liverpool’s fast growing creative and digital sector, with companies such as Sony, Lucid and Ripstone already having operations in the city, as well as Liverpool being named a UNESCO “City of Music” in December 2015.

So that’s a little bit about me and what I do, thank you for taking the time to have a read and if you have any questions regarding opportunities within Liverpool City Region feel free to get in touch, email me [email protected] or call me on 0151 600 2930.



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