Invest Liverpool Podcast Series

Immersive Liverpool

One of the untold stories of Liverpool City Region is the work we are doing  in immersive technologies across a range of diverse sectors. This series of podcasts with Stephanie Power highlights the work in the region from both business and academia.

The podcasts will investigate how businesses in Liverpool City Region are increasingly using immersive and other related technologies in the context of health, urban development, skills, leisure and tourism.


Podcast 7: You’ve heard of Silicon Valley and Silicon Roundabout, but how about Silicon Chip Shop? Stephanie Power goes to Southport to find out about the town’s immersive tech entrepreneurs



PODCAST 6: The iconic terracotta warriors are in Liverpool for the majority of 2018. The exhibition at the World Museum marks the first UK loan in over ten years of the life sized soldiers and horses discovered in China in 1974, dating back over 2,200 years. With the help of technology and in partnership with two Liverpool businesses – Draw and Code and AdLib – the museum is bringing the third century BC back to life.


PODCAST 5: Bentley Motors are using VR to reduce time and costs from concept to launch of their new innovative cars. Lynn Dwyer from Virtual Engineering Centre shares some of the techniques used for perfecting ergonomic designs for these luxury motors.


PODCAST 4: Do employers understand what skills they need for their businesses to grow in a digital age? ‘What we have here is unique’ – hear from people who have moved from their home town’s in Italy and Germany to come to work in Liverpool City Region.


PODCAST 3: Real industry issues are being solved in a virtual world. Tom Dawes from Value Chain explains us how they use VR to allow clients to ‘try before they buy’.


PODCAST 2: Take one robot, make a virtual version of the machine, and you have GEOFF. Michael Schraps from Virtual Engineering Centre says throw away your instruction manual because once you’ve seen Geoff’s tech you won’t go back!


PODCAST 1: VR is now a regular at music festivals: a celebration of creative platforms which take people away from everyday reality, so mixed reality is at the heart. Stephanie Power reports from the immersive area at PsychFest.


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