Meet the Team: Tony O’Neill – Advanced Engineering Investment Manager

Put a face and a story behind a name. We asked Tony to briefly explain his role and his sector in no more than 300 words. So grab a coffee and have a quick read.

Tony O'Neill

Tony O’Neill

I’ve worked for Liverpool Vision, and its predecessor, Business Liverpool, for around fifteen years; prior to my current role as Investment Manager I was responsible for the in-house teams providing business advice to local SMEs and entrepreneurs. It’s been great to see the depth and range of small to medium sized businesses around the city, with some truly innovative and international standard-enterprises.

Liverpool is at the heart of a hugely important automotive sector in the north-west of England, with the Jaguar Land Rover plant at Halewood being the jewel in the crown.  The city region produces over 200,000 new cars every year, and up to 700,000 are produced within the wider NW region.  From the hand-built supercar, BAC Mono, to the latest JLR models, the city has developed a deserved reputation for high end engineering skills.  But it’s not just in automotive industries that we excel.  Companies like Charge Point in the south of the city are manufacturing highly specialised equipment for pharmaceutical industries around the world, exporting something like 85% of everything they produce.

Crucial to keeping the momentum of our automotive and manufacturing offer in Liverpool will be the development of Liverpool 2 to the north of the city, a £300m investment which will open up global supply chains, the lifeblood of any major manufacturer.  I’ll be working with colleagues to highlight to potential investors the huge benefits of the port development, plus assets such as Sensor City which will bring a new level of research expertise to the city.

I’m also working with colleagues from the LEP and neighbouring local authorities to highlight to local businesses the step changes that can be brought about through the exploitation of untapped markets overseas, and the development of a Liverpool Exporters’ Network will be of key significance in this regard.

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Please get in touch to discuss opportunities in Liverpool’s advanced engineering and automotive industry by emailing me on [email protected] Twitter @lpl_adv_eng and LinkedIn.